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Plants cultivated nowadays yield a good crop, however, their qualities are also high nutritional requirements and low competitiveness in comparison with wild plants or weeds. They are as well more prone to illnesses and more often attacked by pests. Therefore even small mistakes in their agrotechnology bring on a drop in a gathered crop, and also a decrease in its qualitative features. In order to prevent that, technology of cultivation for a particular species, or even a plant variety, should be developed. Vegetations experiments are established in this order; they are divided into field vegetation experiments and pot vegetation experiments.

It is not easy to establish and to carry on a vegetation experiment in a proper way, also an analysis of obtained results gives rise to some difficulties. Setting about establishing a vegetation experiment, an appropriate field should be selected, taking into consideration nutritional requirement of a particular plant, and also a detailed soil analysis should be carried out and a proper scheme of running an experiment should be chosen as to be able to interpret results in an appropriate way after finishing an experiment.

In order to avoid mistakes and to become certain of obtained experimental conclusions, it is better to sign a contract with specialized people or firms to carry out vegetation experiments of this type. Therefore, we recommend our services in order to help you. We deal with performing vegetation experiments from their establishing, through their protection against diseases and pests, until the harvest. Our long-standing practical experience in the scope of vegetation experience is supported by broad academic knowledge. With the employer's approval, we carry out necessary chemical analysis of the soil, plants and obtained crop to define the influence of an applied experimental factor on its qualitative features. Our customers are provided with graphic and statistic elaboration of research results, together with experimental conclusions. Moreover, we carry out visualization and statistical analysis of results from research performed by you. We also deal with designing plans of soil reclamation and phytoremediaton of contaminated areas and production and selling vegetation pots (patent registration no 64450).


Our offer is first of all directed to:

breeding companies and companies producing a high class seed material and willing to test new varieties of cultivated plants;


chemical companies which desire to test new plant protection chemicals, mineral fertilizers, growth regulators and other chemical substances;


horticultural and agricultural farms which we can help to determine optimal conditions for plant growing.


In case of foreign firms, we help with organizing their branches in Poland.

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